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A Prayer for Labor Day

Creating and Laboring Lord, 

we give thanks for the talents you have entrusted to us. We give thanks for physical strength, hands and feet to labor,  for hearts and minds to face the challenges before us.

We pray for those looking for work—open their eyes to the path before them and provide the opportunities to build the skills necessary to reach the dreams you have placed in their hearts.  We pray for those unable to work—in this time to sabbath, provide avenues for participation in community. We pray for those growing in work—you place new challenges before us every day and we pray for the endurance and playfulness to enjoy the work of our hands and minds.

Enable our labor to provide for our homes, our families, and give us the sight to see where we can share the fruit of our labor with our neighbors. 

As we labor on, may we constantly labor on to you, working on our faith as diligently as we type and build, working on our relationships with our neighbors as fervently as we check and send email. Working for justice as we share in your mercy and walk humbly by your side.

Alleluia, Amen.

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