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The best inspiration comes when you are simply present.  So, after reading these words, begin by closing your eyes and becoming aware of your breath.  Don't labor to "fix" your breath; let your lungs do the work. Simply observe how your body responds to your breath. Let your awareness drift to other portions of your body, simply becoming aware of your flesh, your emotions, your surroundings.  Take a moment to enjoy the "present" of this present moment.  After a while consider the one or all of the following questions: Is there a question you would like to ask yourself?  Do any responses rise to the surface?  Any yearnings? Any dreams?  Imagine Jesus sitting next to you.  Is there a question you have been holding for him?  What do you want from him?  Do you hear any response? Close by returning to your breath.  How has your breath changed?  Give thanks for your breath and any inspiration you have received in this present moment. 

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