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Morning Examen

You can’t change your attitude, if you are unaware of your feelings.

You can’t change your heart, if you don’t know your motivations.

You can’t change your life, if you never dream about what could be.

Earlier this year I started a practice of an evening Daily Examen to help process and pray about my day before going to sleep. Not only did this improve my quality of sleep(my baby is in control of the quantity of sleep I get), but it also provided the space for me to enjoy and savor this unique time in my life. Over the past month, I’ve been working through some post partum depression and the hardest moment of the day is the moment I wake up...or try to get up...or start thinking about getting up...and then Sammi takes control of the morning and my attitude “is what it is” under my trained jolly disposition. But about a week ago, it occurred to me, why not do a Morning Daily Examen. It seems so simple, but it has served as the perfect companion to my snooze button. 5 min or 10, give it a try and start your day with this simple meditation and prayer. Who knows, you might discover joy you didn’t know you had.

Daily Examen at the break of day

1. Breathe and rest in the stillness. 

2. Become aware of God’s presence.

3. Review your hopes for the day to come and give thanks. 

4. Notice what feelings come to the surface.

5. Select one feeling and write, draw or pray about it.

6. Ask God to guide you through the day with hope.

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