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Friday! Summer!

Intention for the Day: 

 “a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.”

“čas milovat a čas nenávidět, čas boje a čas pokoje.”

Ecclesiastes 3:8 (Kazatel 3:8)


Quote: To pray you open your whole self

To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon

To one whole voice that is you.

And know there is more

That you can’t see, can’t hear;

Can’t know except in moments

Steadily growing, and in languages

That aren’t always sound but other

Circles of motion.

--Joy Harjo, from Eagle Poem


Moment of Stillness: Take 5 breaths at your own pace.

Breathing exercise for energy: Breathe in for 2 counts, out for 2 counts, in for 2 counts, out for 3 counts, in for 2 counts, out for 4 counts. Continue to increase the out breath each time until you get to 7 or 8.


Reflection and Challenge

Summer is a time of sweat, heat, work, growth and play. For you, most of the work is done, so let today be a time for celebration, gratitude and lingering. 

Celebrate what you have learned, the roads you have traveled, the new friends you have made.

Consider one thing you have received from each of your partners in the classroom or team. Find a way to say thank you before the sun sets.


By now you’ve probably learned the Czech phrase, “ještě jednou” meaning “once more” or “one more”. Although you may commonly hear this phrase with the offer of one more drink, consider what else you would like to do once more before you leave, one more question you have to ask, and one more moment you would like to share with your friends. 


Blessing and challenge: As you take ještě jednou, linger in the moment.  May you linger like the heat of a summer day, linger like a bead of sweat waiting to drop. May you linger like the summer sun slowly setting over the horizon, hanging on to the light and peeking back at the stars.

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