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Tuesday morning Shalom: Winter

Intention for the Day:

“A time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak”

“čas hledat a čas pozbývat, čas chovat a čas odmítat,

čas trhat a čas sešívat, čas mlčet a čas povídat”

Ecclesiastes 3:6-7 (Kazatel 3:6-7)

Quote: “All things are meltable, and replaceable. Not at this moment, but soon enough, we are lambs and we are leaves, and we are stars, and the shining, mysterious pond water itself.”

― Mary Oliver, Winter Hours: Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems

Moment of Stillness: Take 5 breaths at your own pace.

Breathing exercise for energy: Calmly breathe in for 2 counts, out for 2 counts, in for 2 counts, out for 3 counts, in for 2 counts, out for 4 counts. Continue to increase the out breath each time until you get to 7 or 8.


Teachers must listen. Translators must speak. These are two important tasks which are opposite of the person's role. Sure, a teacher must speak in order to share the information she is teaching, but when she listens and learns from her students and assistants, she becomes a better teacher. A translator's task is first to listen and understand what is being said. To translate effectively, sometimes you must ask questions or share with the speaker about your audience, so that everyone can be understood and understand. Challenge yourself to be brave enough to listen and speak throughout the day, and watch your group grow!

Blessing and Challenge:

May you learn something new to you, may you teach someone something they did not know. May you search and find. May you be challenged and grow stronger. Blessings for a cooperative day!

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